The Vision

The Teshuva Revolution has taken world Jewry by storm and changed its face irrevocably. The decision to adopt an entirely new life course will inevitably lead to challenges as one adapts to a life dedicated to Torah values.

In May 2016 Rabbi Reuven and Rebbetzen Elisheva Stepsky launched Shema B’ni to fill the vacuum for an organisation dedicated and focused specifically on follow-up and support for Baalei Teshuva and their families.  The response has been overwhelming.  Since its inception Shema B’ni has already engaged hundreds of people through its innovative and dynamic events, seminars and programmes.  The goal of Shema B’ni is to continue the incredible work that outreach organisations in the UK have started.  We provide a network of opportunities for Baalei Teshuva and their families to be connected, happy, knowledgeable and growing in their Jewish journey.

Shema Bni’s vision is to maintain, enthuse and connect Torah conscious Jews to their rich Torah heritage and enable them to pass it on to their children in a positive and joyful manner. In this way, Shema Bni is connecting past, present and future.

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