Rabbi Reuven Stepsky

Rabbi Stepsky received his Semicha from Harav Shammai Zahn ZT”L of Sunderland and Dayan C Kaplan ZT”L of the London Beis Din.  He also did Rabbinical training (shimush) and received a further Semicha, specialising in Jewish Family Law from Dayan Gershon Lopian ZT”L.

Rabbi Stepsky is also a bereavement counsellor trained by JBCS.  He is renowned for his clarity in teaching everyday practical halacha and the lessons of the Chassidic masters, and is known for his sensitivity in both answering halachic questions and in giving guidance on personal matters.

Rabbi Reuven and Rebbetzen Elisheva Stepsky have dedicated the last 30 years to Jewish education and outreach. 

In May 2016 Rabbi Reuven and Rebbetzen Elisheva Stepsky launched Shema B’ni to fill the vacuum for an organisation dedicated and focused specifically on follow-up and support for Baalei Teshuva and their families. The response has been overwhelming. Since its inception, Shema B’ni has already engaged hundreds of people through its innovative and dynamic events, seminars and programmes. The goal of Shema B’ni is to continue the incredible work that outreach organisations in the UK have started.


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