Rabbi Danny Kirsch

Early career moves led him to the fashion industry, however it was the Jewish community which eventually won the day. Five years in Israel at Ohr Somayach Yeshiva prepared him to return as a Rabbi to England with his wonderful wife, Jackie.

He served as national director of JYSG and as a London Student Chaplain. He co-founded and ran The JLE for over 35 years! With the help and assistance of dedicated staff the JLE grew from a small operation in the Kirsch’s home to a multi-faceted organisation and one of the largest and most diverse communal and educational centres in Europe reaching and teaching many thousands of young Jews each year.

In the Spring of 2022 He and his wife left JLE to rejoin former colleague and partner Rabbi Stepsky to work together once again at Shema B’ni

Having seen hundreds of couples getting married during their career, they decided to focus on creating programmes for young marrieds, dating, and engaged couples, strengthening Jewish homes and families by running educational classes and a broad range of tailored programmes for the people they interact with at Shema B’ni.


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